Health Sciences Dissertation

What is a Dissertation?


As a type of assessment, a final year project or a dissertation, is different compared to other forms of coursework assessments. The expectations of a dissertation is that the student takes up the responsibility for their own learning, develops a review of literature, selects a suitable technique for undertaking the study, write down the findings, and deliberate on the outcomes/ findings in the discussion section. This section of the site offers the reader with enhanced understanding of the following:

  • The definition of a dissertation
  • The reasons whys students should write dissertations
  • The ideal look of a completed dissertation
  • How to go about the initial readings and writing

In the universities of the United Kingdom, a dissertation denotes a piece of writing that is based on extra student reading as well as some independent research work at the Masters and/ or Undergraduate levels.

This portion assists the student on how to go about preparing for and completing dissertations. The section achieves this by providing the student with some basic knowledge concerning a dissertation’s expected structure, methodology, style and content.

Apart from the guidelines that are articulated in this site, the student must also take heed of the instructions that are given by tutors for their particular programs. This is strongly recommended since different subject areas have equally different support mechanisms, conventions for referencing, and expectations. For instance, in certain situations, a student may be required to select dissertation titles from a provided list, while in other instances the student can define the titles for their dissertations. Furthermore, some dissertations are often linked to a given course unit that was taught, while some others require that the student submits a proposal for research in a specific format, and so on.

Check with your school’s intranet for information regarding the various aspects of dissertations.