Health Sciences Assignment

Essay and Assignment Writing

The resources listed below can offer important strategies that assist students in their assignment and essay writing tasks.

The Basics of Essay Writing

A general overview of the key stages of university/ college essay writing.

Planning for Assignments and Essays

Some important strategies and advice about how to get started, including constructive planning for assignments and essays.

Responding to Questions in the Assignments

The provided guide assists learners in understanding the assignment questions and subsequently, in properly answering them. The guide further offers a list of the commonly used terms for essay questions, as well as the definitions of the listed terms.

Checklist for Editing

The checklist provides the student with important questions that they should ask themselves while editing their essays or composing the final drafts.

Critical Review Writing

Many students do not often understand what critical review writing means and how to go about it.  The provided guide offers useful tips for critical review writing.

Writing of Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliography writing is a task which assists the learner to become well versed with the various research sources that are available for a given topic. The provided guide for annotated bibliography writing provides some important advice on how to start and complete the process of writing excellent annotated bibliographies.

Writing Reflective Essays

Several university tasks possess various reflective features. Even though the reflections can often significantly differ in terms of their scope and style, this section provides some common tips and elements that students can use when beginning the process of reflective writing.